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Hillman Curtis
Not only is he a good designer, but he also uses animation, video and music in his multimedia creations.

Neal Schon
Lead Guitarist of Journey
This guy plays with a lot of feeling, and has been an influence on my guitar style. He's also great to listen to when I'm designing.

Stargate SG-1
My favorite Sci-Fi show. Great character development and superb writing. Makes my brain think.



Gary Kelley - Illustrator
Gary displays an excellent use of light and shadow, and general composition.

Back to the Future Trilogy
I've always been interested in time travel, but this movie trilogy was an absolute classic!

Steve Amos
Ex-Produce Manager at Fareway Grocery Store in my hometown. His philosophy was to "Always get your work done early so you can have time to goof off."


MacGyver T.V. Show
The first season was my favorite. There wasn't a problem this character couldn't solve with a little drain cleaner, baking soda and battery acid!

The A-Team T.V. Show
Always looking out for the underdog, this team of crack commandos were the masters of "overkill" when it came to beating the bad guys.

The Simpsons
My favorite cartoon show. No wonder my sense of humor is warped!






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